I’ve been a social worker all my life. Before I moved to Santa Cruz, I was working with Catholic Charities up in San Francisco where

We recently received the following letter from Jess, a mother in our community, reflecting on her son’s experience through extreme mental health trials. Her words

How can we work within the existing systems to really make good things happen in our community?  This is a large question, but Cecilia Espinola,

Cynthia Chase brings her 20+ year career working to advance systems change and community wellbeing in government, criminal justice, education, and clinical settings to her

Watching someone you love struggle with addiction and mental health is not easy. For so many of us, we are born into this world and,

When I first became homeless, I was married to my husband, Darel. He and I did everything together. He had my back when I first lost my housing in the late ‘90s and…