Carol’s Journey, Part II: Carol and June’s Update on Shelter

Hi friends,

Remember Carol? The mother from Capitola who recently found herself sleeping in her car? (You can read Part I of her story here.) She has an update for us! Spoiler alert: it’s good stuff.

It’s been less than two weeks, and I’ve just gotten an exciting call! Amazing how things can start looking up faster than they fell apart. Diana from the Rebele Family Shelter called and said they have a space for me and June. I was also on the wait list at the Paul Lee Loft, but June wouldn’t be able to stay there with me. She’s a little nervous about staying in a shelter. To be honest, so am I. But it’s time to be brave, right? One step at a time, and hopefully soon we’ll be back in a place of our own. Wish us luck!

Carol got into shelter in record time, and we’re so happy for her. We’ll keep you posted as her pathway to housing continues. In the meantime, you can stay in the loop on all the successes our community (that’s you!) has made possible by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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*Note: Carol is a fictional character whose story is informed by real stories Housing Matters’ staff hear every day throughout Santa Cruz County.