Hello friends,

Things are looking up for Carol, who’s staying at the Rebele Family Shelter with her daughter. (Read Part I, Part II, and Part III of her journey if you need a refresher.) We’ll let her fill you in.

It’s been a frustrating process, finding housing. It’s like you have a scarlet letter on you because you’re homeless. I have a job, I have a kid, I had stable housing for years. But as soon as a landlord finds out I don’t currently have a place of my own, things fall apart. A couple other families here have left in the last couple weeks, moving into housing, so that’s encouraging. But I’m impatient for our turn to come along! All that aside, I think we’re finally onto something! Thank GOODNESS for the support here. They really help you figure out how to better connect with landlords, and someone even stepped in on my behalf. I’ve gotten further with this landlord than any other place. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but we’re definitely getting closer. I cannot WAIT to bake June’s favorite cookies in a kitchen of our own. It’s only a matter of time, right? The new year is just around the corner. Time for new beginnings.

Time for new beginnings, indeed. We just know that housing success is coming soon for Carol and June. Break through the noise with positive stories and solutions to homelessness in Santa Cruz County by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

*Note: Carol is a fictional character whose story is informed by real stories Housing Matters’ staff hear every day throughout Santa Cruz County.