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From Santa Cruz Sentinel: Qualifying as one of Santa Cruz County’s most vulnerable people experiencing “chronic homelessness,” Tony Canepa ranks as one of more than 800 who have been connected to housing with support services locally since 2012.

Across Santa Cruz County, chronic homelessness is estimated to have dropped by nearly a third in the past two years, according to preliminary census results released last month. The housing of chronically homeless persons such as Canepa, 67, has been prioritized and tracked by a multi-agency initiative of service providers dubbed 180/2020. A banner with the latest count stretches across the sound barrier wall behind Homeless Services Center, facing Highway 1 traffic.

Strategies and Solutions

From NPR: The Fight to Reduce Homelessness: This New Jersey County Was The 1st In The U.S. To End Chronic Homelessness

The third entry in NPR’s series “The Fight to Reduce Homelessness” examines the success of Bergen County, New Jersey, which, in 2016 and 2017 respectively, was certified as having eradicated veteran homelessness and then chronic homelessness.

Strategies and Solutions

From NPR: The Fight to Reduce Homelessness: To Reduce Chronic Homelessness, A Chicago Hospital Is Treating It As A Medical Condition

The second installment in NPR’s series, “The Fight to Reduce Homelessness”, focuses on some Chicago area hospitals which have begun providing permanent housing for homeless patients who had repeatedly shown up in their emergency rooms. The shift was in treating homelessness as a health issue. In doing so, the hospitals have found that health care costs have been reduced and that the health of the homeless patients have been improved.

Strategies and Solutions

From NPR: The Fight to Reduce Homelessness: How Atlanta Is Streamlining Funding And Targeting The Most Vulnerable To Reduce Homelessness

NPR has released a series called: “The Fight to Reduce Homelessness.” The first entry focuses on Atlanta and how they have innovated to manage budgets and strategize solutions in their fight against homelessness. They have reduced their homeless population by 30% since 2015!