Yuli is a 30-year-old single mother with a seven year old son. After a turbulent childhood and adolescence, she experienced homelessness for nearly a decade.

Jana Rinaldi is a landlord in Santa Cruz County. She shared what it’s like working with Housing Matters as a landlord and why she now prioritizes Housing Matters participants as her tenants. She hopes this perspective will encourage other landlords to consider renting to families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

I understand the feelings that many people in our community have around people experiencing homelessness, the frustration that comes up. But when you start talking

I started working at Housing Matters after my divorce. I worked in the Hygiene Bay, helping people access showers. It was a joy to connect

We first met Patricia well into her journey towards housing and sobriety. She was connected with Berenice Gutierrez, Housing Matters’ Employment Training Specialist, and they

Bill came to Housing Matters after struggling to find a job and losing his home. He was connected with Brian, our Service Navigation Coordinator, and

Jenny and her son stayed in the Rebele Family Shelter (RFS) for a few months in early 2021. Jenny came determined to find housing. Her

Living without a home is a traumatic experience and returning back to housing takes support of all different kinds. There can be fear, shame and