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Your gift to Housing Matters ends homelessness for families and individuals in Santa Cruz County by getting them into permanent housing. With 35 years of experience and nine different housing programs, we are committed to empowering our unhoused neighbors to reclaim the dignity that can only come with stable housing. 

• Our three emergency shelters make up approximately half of the shelter beds in the entire county

• Our family shelter is the largest emergency shelter for families in the county

• As the largest local nonprofit working on homelessness, we join together unhoused neighbors, landlords, supporters, and service professionals to resolve homelessness together


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When you make a monthly recurring gift, you ensure your unhoused neighbors are taken care of year-round. You give the gift of stability and dignity to the most vulnerable members of your community as they work with us to get back on their feet and into permanent, stable housing. Your gift lets them know that they are seen and cared for, and empowers them to rediscover their confidence. 

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I know my gift will go directly to solving homelessness for my unhoused neighbors.

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By supporting the largest nonprofit in Santa Cruz County working to resolve homelessness, you are giving dignity and stability to those who need it most. Your generosity will have a ripple effect throughout the entire community. When we are all housed, our whole community thrives.

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