housing services

Housing Matters provides support to over 250 people experiencing homelessness out in the community. These are individuals, families, and veterans who are not staying in one of our three emergency shelters, but are still receiving services on their pathway to permanent housing.

We have programs to serve people in a variety of situations. The common thread is that all of our programs and services help people get out of homelessness and into permanent housing.

We believe that housing — permanent, stable, adequate housing — should come first and that once housed, people who’ve been unhoused can start to heal from their experience of homelessness, and address the issues that may have contributed to homelessness in the first place. We also believe that all clients can get into housing, regardless of the challenges they’re facing. We meet you where you are, and help you on your pathway to housing.

The best way to learn about the various programs that are the best fit for you is connecting with one of our outreach specialists. This can be done on our campus, at 115 Coral Street in Santa Cruz, by appointment. At this time, we prefer you call for an appointment, if possible. Our intake and assessment specialists will carefully listen to your individual situation, and help you get connected with the best resources for you.

For adults, contact outreach@housingmatterssc.org or call/text (831) 226-2504.

For families, contact families@housingmatterssc.org or call (831) 226-2499.

For veterans, contact veterans@housingmatterssc.org.

If you can’t make it to our campus, there are other service providers who can help you with an assessment through Santa Cruz County’s Smart Path referral system. This is as streamlined way to get connected with the best services for your situation, including shelter and supportive services. Learn more about getting a Coordinated Entry assessment on the Housing for Health website >

Many of our clients continue to receive services even after becoming housed. At Housing Matters, we know that homelessness is destabilizing and traumatizing, and that some clients will need additional support to stay housed. We work hard to make sure each housing placement is successful — your success is our success. 

We have housing programs to meet the needs of every different type of situation, whether you just need some quick help to get you back on your feet, or you will need longer-term, more sustained support. We’re here, ready to meet you wherever you are in your journey to permanent housing.

If you’re looking for information on our shelters, please visit Our Shelter Programs >