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The first step to finding community solutions for homelessness is education. Learn about homelessness in Santa Cruz County, read success stories of clients we’ve served, and dive into some national resources on understanding homelessness. As is often the case, there’s more than meets the eye.

Strategies and Solutions

From NPR: The Fight to Reduce Homelessness: To Reduce Chronic Homelessness, A Chicago Hospital Is Treating It As A Medical Condition

The second installment in NPR’s series, “The Fight to Reduce Homelessness”, focuses on some Chicago area hospitals which have begun providing permanent housing for homeless patients who had repeatedly shown up in their emergency rooms. The shift was in treating homelessness as a health issue. In doing so, the hospitals have found that health care costs have been reduced and that the health of the homeless patients have been improved.

Strategies and Solutions

From NPR: The Fight to Reduce Homelessness: How Atlanta Is Streamlining Funding And Targeting The Most Vulnerable To Reduce Homelessness

NPR has released a series called: “The Fight to Reduce Homelessness.” The first entry focuses on Atlanta and how they have innovated to manage budgets and strategize solutions in their fight against homelessness. They have reduced their homeless population by 30% since 2015!


We sent this letter yesterday to community leaders and elected officials serving Santa Cruz County. The community discourse and concern regarding homelessness is at a critical point. Our Board President Claudia Brown and Executive Director Phil Kramer wrote this letter because we’re eager to continue building momentum and working as partners to bring change – now. […]


In an op-ed published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Homeless Services Center Executive Director Phil Kramer discussed some of the recent successes of the organization. In tandem with the celebration of those successes, Phil goes on to examine still-existing challenges and the best steps forward for continued improvement. Read the op-ed on the Sentinel, here […]


We are delighted to ring in the New Year with heartwarming news: thanks to you and the giving community of Santa Cruz County, we accomplished our goal! A total of 150 households were housed in 2018, which represents 19 more families than we housed the year prior. Because of our community’s support, 296 people who […]


By Phil Kramer, Executive Director, Housing Matters

A December 11, 2018, article in both the Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports on a recent study sponsored by Zillow, which indicates that rates of homelessness in the United States are worse than the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates — up to 20 percent higher across the nation, in fact.