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The first step to finding community solutions for homelessness is education. Learn about homelessness in Santa Cruz County, read success stories of clients we’ve served, and dive into some national resources on understanding homelessness. As is often the case, there’s more than meets the eye.

Housing Matters Videos

A tribute to thank the Rebeles. For over 30 years, Rowland and Pat Rebele have spearheaded services for people experiencing homelessness in Santa Cruz County. In 2015, Rowland appeared on the program Reality Church to discuss his work.

Local Media

From the Good Times: Phil Kramer has a story about a man who was homeless when he learned that he had cancer. After his initial hospital stay, the man was released to one of the 12 beds at Homeless Services Center’s Recuperative Care Center (RCC), says Kramer, the executive director of Homeless Services Center. Suddenly, […]

Housing Matters Events

Come tour our Coral Street campus and learn about the services we provide to those experiencing homelessness.

Tour Topics and Dates:

Rebele Family Shelter
Monday, October 14 at 4:00pm

Day Services: Showers, Mail Room, etc.
Tuesday, November 19 at 4:00pm

Housing First and Best Practices
Thursday, December 12 at noon

Veteran Homelessness
Wednesday, January 15 at 9:00am


Like some individuals, Mark Simon, or Pastor Mark as many of us know him, had to deal with a myriad of health and mobility issues for a few years in his life. But most individuals who are struggling to recover from various health issues have a roof over their head — Mark did not. Mark […]