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The first step to finding community solutions for homelessness is education. Learn about homelessness in Santa Cruz County, read success stories of clients we’ve served, and dive into some national resources on understanding homelessness. As is often the case, there’s more than meets the eye.


For the past nine years, Gary, a father and a resident of Santa Cruz, did not know what was wrong with him. By the time he was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and began his long road to being himself again, Gary had lost a lot of time. Once healthy, he struggled to find work, […]


For Bill, life was stable. As a truck driver for more than 30 years, Bill was married and had a house of his own in Santa Cruz. But once his divorce was finalized, the stability he was accustomed to vanished. In a short time, Bill lost everything and had nobody to turn to for help. […]

Understanding Homelessness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that can occur after an individual has experienced a traumatic event, particularly those that include the threat of injury or death, and it is apparent among populations experiencing homelessness. Read the full report from the National Alliance to End Homelessness >