No one organization can provide all of the services needed to support our unhoused neighbors.

That’s why, whenever possible, we look for ways to partner with dedicated organizations across Santa Cruz County to provide the most effective services possible. Here is a partial list of those organizations:

Abode Services

provides housing navigation and supportive services to Rehousing Wave program participants.

Central California Alliance for Health

provides case conferencing and financial support for the Recuperative Care Center (RCC) at Housing Matters.

City of Santa Cruz

is a funding partner for some of our programs, as well as a partner in coordinating citywide services as well as the leaseholder of a portion of the Housing Matters campus.

The County of Santa Cruz

is a funding partner for some of our programs, as well as a partner in coordinating countywide services.

Dientes Community Dental

operates an onsite dental clinic with the mission to create lasting oral health for low-income citizens in Santa Cruz County.

Dominican Hospital

partners with Housing Matters to provide financial support and case conferencing for Recuperative Care Center (RCC) guests.

Families in Transition

partners with the County, Housing Matters, and the CalWORKs Housing Assistance Move-in Program (CHAMP) to provide rental assistance and case management for families experiencing homelessness, and families at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Homeless Garden Project

partners with CalFresh Employment Training (CFET) and Housing Matters to provide job training. It also regularly delivers produce to the Housing Matters kitchen.

Homeless Persons’ Health Project

is a division of the County’s Health Services Agency (HSA). It operates an onsite health clinic for people experiencing homelessness, and provides comprehensive health care for Recuperative Care Center (RCC) guests.

The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz

provides Housing Choice vouchers and landlord incentives to Housing Matters program participants. It is also a Rehousing Wave partner.

Housing For Health Partnership (H4HP)

acts as the federally-designated Continuum of Care (CoC) for Santa Cruz County. It coordinates resources, programs, and services for preventing and ending homelessness.

HUD-VASH (Dept. of Veterans Affairs)

combines Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing vouchers with Veterans Affairs (VA) supportive services to help veterans and their families secure and sustain permanent housing.

Miracle Messages

partners with Housing Matters to help unhoused people rebuild their social support systems and financial security.

Nation’s Finest

partners with Housing Matters and the VA to provide supportive services to veterans and their families.

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

offers onsite animal care for pets belonging to Housing Matters’ guests, and offers assistance as needed.


provides financial support for the Recuperative Care Center (RCC).

Wings Homeless Advocacy

helps with obtaining birth certificates and other vital documents needed to obtain housing and employment.