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One of the easiest ways to take action is to break through some of the myths surrounding homelessness.

Homelessness can be an uncomfortable topic for many, and understanding the facts can help. It not only makes homelessness easier to discuss, but it also empowers you to form well-informed opinions about proposed solutions. Your knowledge of the issues can reduce stigmas, which can lead to resources being made more accessible for those experiencing homelessness. Explore our blog to get started.

Learn About Homelessness

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Join the Good Neighbor Network today!

With brand-new volunteer opportunities, network members are making a positive impact in the lives of people experiencing homelessness while helping to promote equity, dignity, and compassion for all of our neighbors.

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When you donate to Housing Matters, you’re supporting a safe, secure place for our program participants to stay while they search for housing and employment.

You ensure uninterrupted implementation of the Housing First model in all our programs — the most effective, cost-efficient, sustainable and compassionate way to end homelessness. You provide the support for recently housed Housing Matters clients to retain their housing.

There is no donation too big or small. Last year our 1,267 donors collectively made nearly $1.2 million in contributions. Join us, and watch the effects of your donation ripple through your community.


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Attend an Event

Ready to do more than brush up on your homelessness knowledge? Support the cause by attending an event.

Come tour our campus, attend a workshop, or a live speaking event. Visit our Events page to learn more about what’s happening in our community this month. And don’t forget to invite your friends!

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