The Diversity Guru

Joy in the Struggle
By: The Diversity Guru

No matter how hard life gets, there is joy in the struggle because of all of you. 
All of you are beautiful, wise, intelligent and gifted. 
All of you are smart, talented, amazing, and make me feel uplifted. 

Sometimes we judge others who have overcome an incredible struggle, but there is joy in the struggle too. 
I’m a survivor. 
You are a survivor. 
Never let anyone put you down because as we see with the corruption of this world, it’s all coming to an end anyway. 
So live in the joy of the struggle. 
I’m an overcomer. 

Maybe you have all of the finer things in life, like wine and foods and luxury hotel rooms and maybe you are rich and can shop until you drop,
But do you have friends and loved ones that care about you? 
Love is in the struggle too. 

Can you throw a party where people show up because they love being around you? 
Do you have the joy that I have in my chest and the love for the children?
Yes this world is a mess because we don’t protect the children but we protect the millionaires and billionaires….
maybe you don’t care about humanity the way that I do, 
to each his own you may say, 
but there are beautiful people who have no place to lay. 
Why do we attack the poor but we accept poverty? 

Joy is as powerful as the feeling of your rage. 
I’m glowing from the inside because I have innate love for humanity
I want all of us to live for today, 
don’t forget about the past and look forward toward the future.
This heartbeat didn’t stop yet so I have to have joy way deep down in my soul 
Money can’t even buy it. 
Joy can’t be bought. 
It doesn’t come with a receipt, a price tag… 
but more precious than a diamond ring, more beautiful than anything that I’ve ever seen.

There’s joy. 
There’s joy in the struggle because of all of you.