The Dignity of Daily Showers

A young man was a daily user of the showers for the truly homeless. Despite all his trials and tribulations, he was able to earn enough college credits at Cabrillo to be admitted to UCSC as a junior in the math department. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. He stated that what kept him going through it all was the ability to take a shower everyday. It meant he could lead his life as a Cabrillo student with his sense of self respect. And this sense of self respect is what I believe the showers provide.

A huge thanks goes to Bob and Vi Blonder, who re-opened these showers using their personal funds to pay for water and other costs for a number of months.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work at these showers for the last 18 months. Unfortunately, due to health issues, I had to stop. I loved working there. The people using the showers were “mostly” friendly, but no matter their level of interaction, they were always polite and respectful of the staff and other users of the showers. I hope these showers never have to be closed again. It would be a horrible loss.

—Cherie, Homeless Services Center Volunteer