volunteer roadmap

At Housing Matters, we believe an educated and empowered community can affect BIG change. This is why continuing education is a key component of our volunteer program. We want to empower our volunteers with the knowledge that they need to raise the bar in conversations about homelessness with friends and family, to help shift the status quo.

Step 1: Complete the application 

Please note: before starting your application have the name and phone number of two                     personal references handy!

Step 2: Our Volunteer Program Manager will reach out to you within a few days of receiving your application to confirm your preferences, to answer any questions you may have, and to schedule your orientation and a training shift

Step 3: Attend our volunteer orientation in person or via Zoom

Step 4: Attend a training shift for the volunteer role you’ve selected

Step 5: You’re ready to begin volunteering, with the supervision and support of expert staff every step of the way

Step 6: Continue to grow your impact through continuing education and community-building events.

Good Neighbor Network volunteers attend a minimum of one hour of continuing education through Housing Matters per quarter and have the opportunity to attend ongoing community-building events at our Coral Street campus.

Have questions about the application?
Call Marsa Greenspan, Volunteer Program Manager, at 831-226-2486