our housing &
supportive services

All of our programs and services, from emergency shelter to day services to housing programs, are offered with the same goal in mind — to help people move towards stable, long-term housing as quickly as possible. 

We meet all of our clients where they are. We work with each person or family individually to identify the steps needed to find (and keep) a permanent place to call home.

Support Services for Veterans Families (SSVF)

This rapid rehousing program works with unhoused veterans (and qualifying family members) as well as veterans in danger of losing their housing. Participants are identified either through direct outreach or referral, and are enrolled once their veteran status is verified. Many receive help with identity-related documentation to verify their military service. 

SSVF serves up to 50 veteran families per year, providing housing-focused case management, housing navigation, rental assistance, legal services, and healthcare navigation as needed.

If you are a veteran looking for services, please reach out to SSVF Outreach Specialist, J-Bear at 831-222-0127

CalWORK’s Housing Assistance Move-in Program (CHAMP)

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Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP)

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Housing Now & the Rehousing Wave

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Bringing Families Home (BFH)

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CalFresh Employment & Training (CFET)

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